Thermoseal Plus Steam Assist Oven

Smeg’s Dolce Stil Novo Steam Assisted pyrolytic oven takes home-cooking to a new level by delivering the same baking techniques as those used by professional chefs.  The injection of steam into oven cooking, calculated by the oven’s electronic menus, ensures meats and fish are succulent and moist with minimal shrinkage.

Perfect when steaming, roasting or grilling, this steam oven offers greater versatility, whilst being a healthy and tasty cooking method. Customers will benefit from faster cooking times - typically 25% less than conventional cooking, as well as reduced energy consumption. 

Smeg is once again a beacon of innovation and “Made in Italy” style with a truly outstanding product that will boost your creativity in the kitchen.


World-first Blade Flame Cooktop

Offering stunning aesthetics and state of the art patented technology, many of Smeg's Dolce Stil Novo’s premium cooktops now feature our unique world-first blade flame technology. 

These innovative flat ‘blade’ gas burners are patented and exclusive to Smeg. They deliver a continuous ring of vertical flame upwards to guarantee maximum heat transfer, reduce heat dispersion and increase efficiency by 20% compared to standard gas burners.

Each ‘blade’ component has been coated in a special premium titanium coating for longevity and can resist high temperatures up to 1100°C!

Cooktops featuring our blade flame system are available in widths of  60cm, 75cm and 100cm, with a Black ceramic glass base.  Personalise your cooktop with a choice of 4 artistic pan stand styles which can be purchased separately to complete the look - be it Fruits, Insects, Leaves or Birds. They are truly unlike any other gas cooktops on the market.

Wine Cellar

Wine tasting is a sensory experience, delighting the taste buds as well as the nose, drinking in the setting around you as well as the grape. But ensuring the perfect glass every time is not just about where and how it’s harvested. Whether it’s white, red, rosé, still or sparkling, wine requires specific conditions to preserve its characteristics and give the best possible taste.

Inspired by wine culture and the importance of its preservation, Smeg has developed a new range of Dolce Stil Novo wine cellars, made entirely in Italy. Great design and attention to detail are the key traits of all Smeg appliances and wine coolers are no exception. In cooperation with expert sommeliers and using the latest technology, Smeg cellars control temperature, humidity, UV protection and vibration to correctly store and age wine, so all that hard harvesting work doesn’t go to waste.

All of this technology is crafted beautifully. Smeg has always taken the best of technology and encased it with stunning design using the finest materials including premium oak shelving. The models – available in 82cm or 45cm height, with distinctive eclipse black glass finish and stainless steel or copper trim, are characterised by an elegant and refined look, which will perfectly integrate into any décor. Built by passionate craftsmen for lovers of food and design, we raise a glass to celebrate the new wine cellars.